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Alere Completes Acquisitions of MAS/RALS and LDS/AegisPOC
Acquisitions Compliment Alere's Vision of Single Platform Connectivity for POCT

December 9, 2011 - Alere Inc. announces that it has completed the acquisition of Medical Automation Systems, Inc. (MAS) and Laboratory Data Systems, Inc. (LDS). These acquisitions strengthen Alere’s vision for open connectivity architecture at the point-of-care (POC) and in the critical care setting. Currently, MAS’s RALS® and LDS’s AegisPOC™ data management systems are installed in nearly 2,000 hospitals throughout the US and are interfaced to more than 100 POC devices.

As part of the Alere family RALS, synonymous with point-of-care data management for more than a decade, and AegisPOC, a true web-based information management solution for POCT and critical care testing, compliment Alere’s goal of providing a single-platform connectivity solution; a solution that’s capable of successfully offering the combined interfacing and connectivity strengths of both MAS and LDS, a solution that enables POC programs to use one integrated data management solution independent of the brand of the device being used, a solution Alere calls ‘connectivity without limits.’

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