Operator Certifications

  1. How do I edit certifications for a batch of operators?

    1. At the Certifications page, highlight the specific group of operators for the same device.

    2. Click on Edit Certification and place a check in the box you want to change.
      Example: Want to change Certification Expiration to 6 months instead of 1 year, place a check in the Certification Expiration Date and manually change to correct date, click OK.

  2. Can I certify all my operators on the Inform meter all at once?
    1. Highlight all the operators who will be using the new device.
    2. Right click on Add Certification.
    3. Select Device and change certification dates if necessary.

  3. I have re-certified 25 people in my re-certification page using the Edit Certification button.
    Why is my expiration date still the same as it was before?

    The expiration date remains the same because you did not place a check mark in the
    appropriate boxes.

    1. You must put a P in Last Recertification date and also a Certification Expiration Date.
      Placing a check allows you to make a change in the date. So you would change the Last Recertification date and Alere RALS® System would automatically change Certification Expiration Date to one year from the Last Recertification Date.
  4. How can I see the list of the operators I just re-certified?
    At the System Edit Logs page:
    1. Enter date that the Recertify utility was used.
    2. Select Criteria > Operator Certifications> OK to display a list of the operator just recertified.
  5. How do I use the recertify utility?

    When the Recertify utility is run, the Alere RALS System will automatically remove the re-certified operators from this opened page and change the records by the number of operators just re-certified.

    1. Expiration Date Range: 4/1/2002 To 10/31/2002
      Recertify utility: Certifications to Expire Within 45 days; Criteria Performed Within 30 Days

    2. Glucose Criteria:Valid Low/Level 1 And Valid High/Level 2

    The Alere RALS System goes through the entire data base and finds any operator who will expire in 45 days and if they have successfully run 2 levels of controls within the last 30 days, the Alere RALS System will re-certify them to one year from the day they last ran controls.

    So in the above example 25 operators were re-certified. These 25 operators would be removed from the opened Operators Certification page and the records would decrease by 25. You could change the Expiration Date Range to 09/20/2002 to 09/21/2003 to see the 25 who you just re-certified with their new expiration date.