Flagged Results

  1. How do you keep results from stopping at the Flagged Result page?
    The LIS Flag Config button allows you to select which evaluating choices that you want turned on. A check in the box means stop the result from going to the LIS; an unchecked box means send the result to the LIS. Remember, LIS Flag Config page is filtered by institution not module. This means if you have more than one module in the Alere RALS® System, the LIS Flag Config Settings apply to both modules.

  2. I don’t have any flagged results – why?
    LIS Flag Config is not checked for any criteria, so all results are going straight to the LIS, or the Evaluation Criteria is not set up for any locations in your Administrative Settings page.

  3. I accidentally sent a result to Do Not Upload -- can I still retrieve it?  Yes, by selecting from Criteria in the Sample Status box:

    1. Choose from the drop-down list Marked As Do Not Upload.

    2. Click Apply. This displays all the previously results that had been marked as ‘Do Not Upload’.

    3. Highlight specific results to Upload to LIS or Flag As Evaluate. Flag As Evaluate sends the result back to the Flagged Results page and changes the Sample Status from ‘Do Not Upload’ to ‘Evaluate.’ NOTE: You must change Criteria to Flagged as Evaluate to see the returned result.

  4. If I edit a patient ID number will I have a record of the original number?  Yes.

    1. Under System, open Edit Logs.

    2. Click on Criteria.

    3. Click on the Edit Logs drop-down list.

    4. Select Glucose Results.

    5. Enter appropriate Date to display the Original and Changed Patient ID.

  5. Can you edit more than one patient at a time?
    No, you can only edit one patient at a time.

  6. What is the difference between Evaluate and Upload Failed?
    Evaluate means that the result was flagged by the Evaluator and has not crossed to the LIS yet. The reason the result stopped will be available in the ‘Reason for Failure’ column. You have the opportunity to Upload the Result or send it to Do Not Upload. Upload Failed results means that for some reason the LIS rejected the result; the reason will be listed in the ‘LIS Reason for Failure’ column.

  7. Why do I have a result that has a Reason for Failure: No Evaluation Criteria?
    There is no evaluation criteria set up for this location at the Administrative Settings page.

  8. Why do I have operator numbers in my operator identification column rather than a name?
    You have not listed this operator in the Operators page. This will only occur if you are not using ‘Valid Operator Lookup’ commonly referred to as operator lockout.