Roche ACCU-CHEK® Inform II Administrative Settings

  1. What does the Administrative Settings page do?
    Administrative Settings is used to evaluate the results when they are sent from the meter to the Alere RALS® System. The Evaluation Criteria are used for the Flagged Results page, Results Review page, and for generating Reports.

  2. How can I check to see if Evaluation Criteria have been set up for all locations?

    1. Click on ADD at Administrative Settings.

    2. Look in the drop-down list in the locations box; if it is blank then all locations have evaluation criteria set up.

    3. Click on EDIT to check what is being evaluated at each location.

  3. Why can I not pull up critical values at either Results Review or Reports?
    Administrative Settings is not evaluating your critical results. The critical range must be entered for each location and there must be a check in the box for ‘Evaluate Critical Ranges’ for the Alere RALS System to evaluate for Flagged Results, Results Review and for Reports.

  4. If I do not want critical results to stop at the Flagged Result page, do I uncheck the box at the Administrative Settings page?

    1. Click on LIS Flag Config at the Flagged Results page.

    2. A check in the box means the result will stop at the Flagged Results page;

    3. Unchecked means that the result will go straight to the LIS.

    4. Uncheck the ‘Critical Value (High)/(Low)’ box to allow critical results to pass to the LIS without stopping

  5. Why is it taking so long for results to show up in my LIS? What is your ‘Repeat Range’ set for at Administrative Settings?
    The result will sit in the evaluator for that number of minutes waiting to see if another result is coming behind it with the same patient ID number. Once the time has elapsed, then it will release to go to the LIS. If a repeat is seen, then both results will stop at the Flagged Results page unless ‘Repeated Test’ is unchecked in LIS Flag Config.

  6. How can I get all of my results from a location to stop at the Flagged Results page?
    Click on the ‘Flag All Results From This Location’ box at Administrative Settings.