Roche ACCU-CHEK® Inform II
Device Configuration Utility (DCU)

  1. How do I set up or configure my meter?
    At DCU, located at the Device Management page for Roche ACCU-CHEK® Inform II. The POCC can Configure by Location or create a Saved Configuration that can be copied to several locations that will be using the same configuration.

  2. What is the difference between saved configuration and configuration by location?
    Saved configuration is like a template that can be copied to a group of locations if all have the same configuration. Configuration by location allows you to set up a configuration at one or more locations to be slightly different than the saved configuration.

  3. I edited my saved configuration -- why is the change not in the meter?
    A saved configuration MUST be copied to the locations to where you want the configuration to go. Remember that it is not JUST the changes that will be copied but the entire configuration.

  4. Can I set up one location differently?
    Yes, by using Configuration by Location. Select the location you want to set up, click on EDIT, make the changes, click OK. Once the meter is downloaded, the meter will have the new configuration.

  5. What is the difference between QC performed by time of day vs. hours?
    Time of day means that the QC must be performed at that time or after that time. Hours means that you can select how many hours can elapse between each QC before the meter is locked out from performing patient testing. For example, if hours is selected with 24 hrs of elapsed time, an operator can perform QC at anytime of the day and the meter will not require QC until 24 hrs from that time.

  6. What is a STAT test?
    A STAT test allows the operator to by-pass QC and run a patient test when the QC is due immediately.

  7. My meter does not have a Linearity or Proficiency button on the meter screen?
    At DCU under the Meter Wide tab, the Linearity and Proficiency box must be checked for the button to be active on the meter.

  8. How do you turn on operator lock out?
    At DCU, Operator tab, select Valid Operator Lookup or Operator List under Operator ID Validation. Only operators who are listed and certified at the Operators page will be able to use the meter.

  9. My operators have leading zeros in front of their operator ID number on their badges -- do I have to enter these zeros in the Operators Page?
    No, at DCU (Operator tab, Barcode Mask Entry) you can mask the zeros. A dash (-) indicates to remove a character or number and a period (.) means to accept this digit.

    There has to be a set number of digits after the dashes for it to work. Example: If you have a 10 digit operator ID that has 5 leading zeros you would need to place -----….. 5 dashes and 5 periods in the Barcode Mask Entry box.

  10. Do I have to copy my Saved Configuration to all locations?
    No. This only has to be done initially during installation. Any location can have a different configuration than the Saved Configuration. After clicking on COPY, highlight only the locations that are to have the Saved Configuration selected.