Roche ACCU-CHEK® Inform II Results Review

  1. Do review notes print out with a result from Reports?
    No, they are only available to be printed from Results Review.

  2. How can I look at just QC or patient results?

    1. Click on Criteria and uncheck the box on Sample Type.

    2. Select Patient or QC Results from the Sample Type drop-down list.

    3. Click Apply at the bottom.

  3. Why is the patient ID number that I am looking for not in the drop-down box?
    The only Patient IDs that will appear in the drop-down list are those that have been sent to the Alere RALS® System based on the date range selected. Check to make sure that you have selected the correct date range for what you are looking for.

  4. How can I widen or move columns the way that I want them?

    1. To Widen a column, place the cursor on the line in the grey header until it becomes a bold               vertical line

    2.. Hold the left click on the mouse and drag the line to widen or narrow the column.

    3.  To Move a column click on the header in the column that you want to move.

    4.  Hold the left click down until the column is highlighted drag the column to where you want it

    5.  Release the left click.

  5. What is device name?
    It is optional and can be set up at the Device Management Page. It is used if you want to name multiple devices in an assigned area.

  6. How can I add a device name?
    At Device Management page

    1. Cick on the row that you want to add a device name to

    2. Click on EDIT

    3. Enter a device name in the Device Name field

  7. Why do all of my results have a result status of Upload Pending?
    If you have an LIS interface it could mean that your interface may have been turned off, especially if you have several results that have an Upload Pending Status. If you do not have an LIS interface it is the status of results that are not sent to the Flagged Results page.

  8. How can I print a single result?
    Two ways:

    1. Highlight only the row that you wish to print and then click on File and Print.

    2. Double click on a row, the result appears in a vertical format, click print at the bottom of the grey box.

  9. How do you exclude QC?

    1. Using the ‘shift’ or ‘ctrl’ key select the rows you wish to exclude.

    2. Click on Review and check the ‘Exclude Results from Statistics and Charts’ box.

  10. Can you un-exclude QC?
    Yes by un-checking the exclude box, it will include the control value in your statistics.

  11. The Critical Results box is checked in the Evaluator of the Administrative Settings page, but the critical value high and low boxes are not checked in the LIS Flag Config box on the Flagged Results page. Would I expect to see a Reason for Failure in the Results Review page? If yes, why? If no, why not?

    The Critical Value High box is not checked in LIS Flag Config in the Flagged Results Page and the result is going straight to the LIS. However, the result is being evaluated according to Administrative Settings. Therefore, a Reason for Failure: Critical Result will be seen with the result in Results Review.

  12. What are the possible Sample Status statements in Results Review? What Sample Status would be displayed for question #11 above?

    1. Possible Sample Status:

      1. Evaluate, Upload Pending, Upload Failed, Upload Complete or Do Not Upload.

    2. The Sample Status for question #11 would display:

      1. Upload Pending if it’s still at the LIS, Upload Complete if LIS accepted it, or Upload Failed if LIS didn’t like the Patient ID, the time or the encounter.