1. I switched over from a different glucose meter to the Inform device, can I add certifications for a group of operators rather than one by one?
    Yes, highlight the group of operators and right click to add certifications.

  2. Operator Lockout is turned on, but operators are expired -- why are some operators still able to perform testing?
    Certifications expire at 2400 on the specific date; if the meter isn’t downloaded to allow the Alere RALS® System to clear the now-uncertified operator from the device, the operator can continue to test until the device is downloaded.

  3. Why are my operators unable to get into the Inform?
    When Operator Lockout is enabled, operators must be assigned to all locations and have valid certifications in order to use the meters at those locations.

  4. Regarding Abbott i-STAT® -- Why can’t I get my operators uploaded to use this device?

    1. A test result must be downloaded from the i-STAT in order for the operators to be sent to the device.

    2. All operators in the Alere RALS System with valid i-STAT device certifications are sent to the DE server based on the INSTITUTION of ANY ONE of their ‘Assigned Locations’. So, if you assign an operator to location JMC-Main at institution JMC Hospital, that operator will also be able to get into i-STAT meters assigned to other locations at JMC Hospital even though you did not assign the operator to those other locations.

      If the operator is assigned to a single location from an institution, they can then get into i-STAT meters at any other location within that institution even though they are not assigned to those other locations.

    3. ‘Use Operator List’ must be checked in Device Customization before the DE Server will upload the operator IDs to the devices. When checked, an Action must be set in the ID Entry Page in Customization, Preferences to lock out un-certified operators.

    4. When editing a single operator record in the Alere RALS System will wait 5 minutes before sending the updated list to the DE server. If a second operator record is edited within that 5 minutes, then the Alere RALS System will wait 15 minutes before sending the operator list to the DE server to allow the POCC time to do additional edits.

    5. Note that the update of operators from the Alere RALS System to the DE server or from the
      DE server to the meters is not reflected on the MIG Status window.

  5. Why do I have an uncertified operator showing up in Flagged Page; how can they get in the meter since I am using Operator List?
    They performed the test before their certification had expired BUT downloaded the meter after their certification had expired.

  6. How can I add an assigned location to a group of operators?
    On the Operator Management page, highlight the group of operators and right click to add the assigned locations.

  7. What does the Operator Timeout mean in DCU?
    By setting the time to anything other than zero, the Operator ID will be held in the device for the length of time set even after the meter is turned off.

  8. Can I recertify operators using proficiency testing?
    Yes, but you must have a target value given to each proficiency sample BEFORE the test is performed. If the Alere RALS System doesn’t have a target value, it will not know if it is a VALID proficiency and therefore cannot recertify the operator based on those criteria.

  9. I am trying to Add a new Operator but I get the message, duplicate ID exists -- what does this mean?
    It means this ID number has been entered and exists in the database. This operator may be already listed in the Operators page or may be listed under the Restore button.

  10. I have a total of 678 Operator records but when I go to the Alere RALS Operator Certification page for a specified certification expiration date range, there are only 650 records. Why is there a discrepancy?
    It means there are 28 operators who have not been certified for a device within the Alere RALS System.
    After confirming that these operators are due to be certified:

    1. Highlight All operators in the Operators page

    2. Right click, and click on Add Certification.

    3. Select Inform device, select a certification date or use the default date.
      The 650 certified operators will not be affected but the 28 un-certified operators will be certified with the selected date. If you want to list the 28 operators just certified:

      1. Go to Edit Logs

      2. Click Criteria

      3. Select ‘Operator Certifications’ with the appropriate date

      4. Click ‘OK.’

  11. My operator ID numbers are alphanumeric, how do I set this up?
    At DCU located at the Device Management page for Roche Glucose Inform:

    1. Click on Configuration by Location

    2. Choose a record

    3. Click on EDIT

    4. Click on Operator tab

    5. Select Alphanumeric ID Allowed under Operator ID Entry Format.