1. I went to Reports to print my Levey Jennings. Why aren’t they there?
    They must be reviewed in L-J before they can be printed in Reports.

  2. Why can’t I print my linearity reports from the Reports page? I did my linearity testing with the vendor representative -- why aren’t they in the Reports page under Linearity reports?
    The Linearity Charts must be REVIEWED AND SAVED in Linearity Page before they can be printed in Reports. Furthermore, if the meters were downloaded into a Notebook or lap top the results will not be downloaded into the Alere RALS® System.

  3. Where can I find a report with all my locations totals that include # of tests on patient, QC, linearity, etc.?
    You can find that report in Reports Page under System Reports, Workload Summary.

  4. Can I print a report with all the comments that were marked ‘Flag for Review’ by all operators?
    Specific operators?

    You can find that report under Reports Page. Choose Anomaly Reports, Glucose Comment Code Results. You can choose specific comments and/or specific operators.

  5. What are anomalous results?
    All abnormal results that have been evaluated and flagged by the Alere RALS System.

  6. I am trying to print an Anomalous Report for a new download location that was recently set up. There are no results when I chose that location in anomalous results by device?
    You must go to Administrative Settings and make sure Evaluation criteria has been set up for that new location. Without the results being evaluated by the Alere RALS System, abnormal results cannot be filtered.

  7. Invalid Patient ID - how can I print a report to show who is entering invalid patient IDs?
    If you are interfaced with your LIS, you can find the failed results in the Result Transfer Status Report. The results must be in the Flagged Results page to appear on this report; if results have been sent to Do Not Upload, they will NOT appear on the report.

  8. What are Batch Reports?
    They are a group of reports that can be viewed and printed as one report.

  9. How do you create a Batch Report?

    1. Click on ADD and name your batch report (for example, Monthly Reports).

    2. Select the report that you wish to place in the Batch report from the group of single reports.

    3. Click on the word ‘default’ under the single report name.

    4. Hold down the left click on the mouse and drag it down on top of the batch report name.
      You would then need to click on each individual report under the batch name and select the date range in the criteria box (the default date will be the previous month). Once Monthly is highlighted then you can View or Print in batch format.

  10. How do you remove a report name or a report from the Batch Report?

    1. Click on the report that you wish to remove.

    2. Click the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard.