The New Look of RALS...
this Time it's Personal

Using the latest web technologies, the New Look of RALS greatly improves user experience, while maintaining existing RALS data and functionality.

Personalized Views Let You See
What You Want, The Way You Want.

From dashboards to operators, the New Look of RALS enables users to personalize pages and save them as ‘My Views’ for quick access or ‘Shared Views’ that can be shared with other POCCs. The result is easier access to the data you want to see and greater POCT program efficiency.


Learn more about the New RALS UI

The New Look of RALS not only looks better, it is better!

A refreshed look, cross-browser support, responsive designs, and input from RALS users provides a design that simplifies system interaction. Key features include:

  • Greater, easier access to RALS data
  • Ability to create personalized views for easy access to what you want to see
  • Sharing of views with other POCCs at other institutions
  • Cloning to quickly add new records
  • Configurable alerts to notify you of events, such as operator certification and material expirations
  • Consolidated tables with more columns and filters
  • History that’s captured at the database level and viewable across records and for individual records
  • Configurable institution access to one, many or all
  • Color-coding of rows by anything you can filter on (ie. device, operator, location, and more)
  • Linkable URLs, Ctrl+F (find) function, and ‘Back’ button
  • Copy and paste functionality


The New Look of RALS pages are available with RALS Version 6.0 or higher.

Our new look has been phased into our current RALS system beginning with version 6.0. You'll be able to use the new pages right alongside your existing pages such as operators, devices, and more. Additional pages will be added as we release new Service Packs.


new UI

If you currently have Version 6.0 and need to update your RALS system, or if you have Version 6.0 and want to activate your new UI pages, contact your Informatics Account Manager or Regional Business Representative.

Want to see more of our New Look?

  • Check out our On-line Demo! Go to our RALS Demo page and click on 'Request a User Name and Password' under the 'Log into the RALS System Demo Site' section. 

  • Attend or Watch our RALS 101 Webinars Go to our RALS 101 webinar page and register or click on any of the 'Listen/Watch' links under the topics header that features the new 'RALS UI'. 

  • Attend our Virtual RALS User Groups Go to our Virtual RALS User Group page and register for one or all of our sessions.