RALS eQuiz

Operating Training/Recertification Program

Alere RALS-eQuiz
Alere RALS-eQuiz

RALS eQuiz, now integrated in RALS Web3, increases operational efficiency and user compliance and supports multiple device types. 


  • No software or installation required on hospital computers

  • User-friendly interface requires little training

  • Automated assignment, grading, and reporting takes the “human element” out of competency assessment procedures

  • Capable of generating a quiz for any POC device connected to a RALS system

  • Data tracking and reporting cover compliance requirements

  • Helps POCT programs prepare for unannounced inspections

Key Features

  • Provides access to training and competency materials via the hospital’s intranet

  • Delivers immediate and remote access throughout your building or enterprise and provides multiple levels of authority to ensure security

  • Automates competency assignment, grading and reporting for more efficient program management

  • Filters quiz results and re-certify operators that pass their criteria for competency

  • Stores competency content within the system that can be quickly customized to address specific learning needs

  • Data tracking and reporting functionality enable creation of custom reports

  • Displays certification expiration date when the operator logs on to eQuiz to take their quizzes

  • Includes sample questions and enables user to add custom questions

For more information and pricing, contact your Informatics Executive or Regional Business Manager.