RALS Pathway Connectivity
for Physician Office Labs

Reduce manual data entry and potential transcription errors in Physician Office Labs

For 20 years U.S. hospitals have depended on RALS data management systems to connect point-of-care devices, electronically capture test results at the bedside and transfer that data to the patient record. Today, that same connectivity is now available, and affordable, for Medical Practices and Physician Office Labs (POLs) with our RALS Pathway system - designed to capture the the patient tests you run in the lab every day. 

Connectivity for the tests you run in your office lab everyday... [RALS Pathway PDF]

Comes pre-configured and installed on a virtual machine for ease of implementation

  • Collects test results from devices used in Primary and Secondary Care

  • Eliminates the need for multiple software or hardware dedicated to a vendor’s specific device

  • Provides access from anywhere/anytime with full functionality

  • Supports result, operator, patient and instrument management

  • Manages all QC in a single system

  • Includes a wide range of reports

  • Can be interfaced to an EMR / EHR / LIS

Connectivity based on proven RALS platform used in ~50% of U.S hospitals:  [Demo]

RALS Pathway

Depending on the device, data can be transferred from devices to the RALS Pathway system via an RALS Dataport, a RALS Remote Connect (RRC) PC connection, or a Direct Network Connection. Results can be via RALS Pathway viewed anytime/anywhere on a PC connected to the POL network and can then be sent to the EMR / EHR / LIS for posting on to the patient's record/chart. For device-specific connectivity, contact the Informatics Executive or Regional Business Manager in your area.

Single-System Management:

  • Eliminates device specific data managers

  • Minimizes IT support

  • Reduces training

  • Decreases unnecessary administrative costs

  • Reduces software incompatibilities, duplicate
    data entry and data corruption


Product Features:

  • Results Management

  • QC Management

  • Instrument Management

  • Operator and Certification Management

  • Patient Management

  • Audit Logging

  • Workstation Management

  • System Settings


Wide Range of Reports:

  • All Results Reports

  • Daily Log

  • Patient History

  • QC Data List

  • QC Operator Performance

  • Levey-Jennings Plot Report

  • QC Statistics

  • Operator List/Setup

  • Sample Count by Workstation and Type

  • Operator certification


Secure Data Center Hosting:

  • Lowers the demands on your IT resources

  • Eliminates worries about future storage capacity and computer resource needs

  • Includes data backup and disaster recovery services

Device Dependent Communication The RALS system is interfaced to point-of-care market share leaders in glucose, coagulation, blood gas and electrolyte and cardiac markers. This position relates to real data management connectivity - bi-directional communication and full data management of patient test results (as well as operating QC data, etc.) not just capturing test data only and moving it along to the LIS.

Uni-directional Connectivity In this one-way communication, the data manager can only read information from the device and cannot upload information to the device.

Bi-directional Connectivity In this two-way communication, the data manager can upload data to the device in addition to reading data from it. For devices that feature bi-directional capability, the RALS system can upload a wide range of data including lists of valid operators, reagent lot information (lot #, ranges, etc.), and device configuration information. This is one of the key differences between a "data mover" and a "data manager".