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Using the latest web technologies, the new user interface (UI) for RALS greatly improves user experience, while maintaining existing RALS data and functionality.


The New Look RALS Operators page, shown above,  illustrates the availability of data
that once was on multiple pages and that is now on a single page.


Why the 'Extreme Makeover'?

As many of you may know, Microsoft® will be ending its support of Silverlight™ in 2021 so we felt it was a perfect time to take advantage of today's modern technologies, including cross-browser support and responsive designs. We also listened to RALS users about what they wanted to improve their user experience. The result is a design that simplifies interaction for all users with key features that include:

  • Greater, easier access to RALS data
  • Cloning to quickly add new records
  • Consolidated tables with more columns and filters
  • Data tables that support customizable, unlimited, shareable views
  • History that's captured at the database level and viewable across records and for individual records
  • Unlimited institution access to one, many or all institutions
  • Linkable URLs
  • Ctrl+F (find) function
  • 'Back' button
  • Copy and paste functionality
  • And more!

New RALS UI pages are available with RALS Version 6.0 or higher.

Our new look is being phased into our current RALS system beginning with version 6.0. You'll be able to use the new pages right alongside your existing pages such as operators, devices, and more. Additional pages will be added as we release new Service Packs.


new UI

If you currently have Version 6.0 and do not have those pages available to you, 

contact your Informatics Executive or Regional Business Manager.


Want to see more of our New Look?

  • Watch our RALS 101 Webinars
    • Go to our RALS 101 webinar page and click on any of the 'Listen/Watch' links under the topics header that features the new 'RALS UI'. 
    • These recordings do a great job of explaining the features and benefits of the new look as well as the improved user experience you'll realize.
    • New look updates will be featured on a regular basis during our monthly 101 webinars so be sure to register for them today!
  • Access our New Look RALS online demo