RALS eQuiz

COMPUTER BASED Training/Recertification Program

“By electronically managing thousands of operators using a variety of Point of Care devices, eQuiz has been a lifeline for our Point-of-Care program”

Danny Larsson, Point-of-Care Coordinator, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, TX

It's no secret that as a POCC, much of your time is spent managing device operators. And while you may have access to hospital-wide training programs, these programs are not specific to POCT. 

That's why so many RALS system users choose eQuiz.  eQuiz is specific to POCT and can eliminate much of the time you spend managing your device operators. Integrated into RALS, eQuiz increases operational efficiency, monitoring of certifications and supports multiple device types.  


RALS eQuiz has the look and feel of the New RALS User Interface

Beginning with RALS Version 6.0, SP8, RALS eQuiz will take on the look and feel of our New User Interface. After updating to Version 6.0, SP8, all existing data will be transitioned to the new look eQuiz pages. Note: RALS eQuiz is still an optional module in RALS and pricing remains at $1/operator/year with a $1,000/year minimum. If you are using RALS Version 6.0 SP7 or below you will still be able to use and access eQuiz in the current user interface.

Listen/View our RALS eQuiz Webinar

During our recent eQuiz webinar, ARDx Informatics Customer Experience Specialist Deborah Wishart and Danny Larsson, Point of Care Testing Supervisor at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Temple, TX covered a wide range of New RALS eQuiz features and functionality.

RALS eQuiz features

For POCCs and authorized users, eQuiz shows the quizzes assigned to your operators, quizzes that are currently active, and available questions that you can assign to quizzes. Blue text indicates a hyperlink that lets you navigate directly to a section of location in RALS. Need to go back? Click the BACK arrow in your browser!

Quiz Assignments

Easy to Use and Economical

  • No software or installation required
  • User-friendly interface requires little training
  • Prices start at $1/operator/year ($1,000/year minimum) 
Quiz Questions

Eliminates Manual Entry

  • Automated assignment, grading, and reporting takes the “human element” out of certification procedures
  • ‘Auto-Recertify’ enables certifications to be auto-recertified after meeting defined parameters, eliminating the need to manually review and certify each operator
Quizzes and Statistics

Helps with Inspections

  • Data tracking / reporting cover compliance requirements
  • Helps prepare for unannounced inspections