RALS v6.0 SP8, introduced a file-based Learning Management System (LMS) feature that enables you to connect your RALS system data to any LMS, such as HealthStream, WorkDay, Saba-Cloud, or Cornerstone  (Figure 1).

To update operator certifications from an LMS, we need the LMS to be able to provide RALS with a .csv file that contains a few specific fields (Table 1).

That file will be stored on the D: drive on the RALS system server and your RALS system will use it to update the operators’ device specific exam date.


Figure 1: RALS support for LMS integration is done by reading a .csv file stored by the LMS and retrieved from the RALS server. The process will be set to run automatically every day at a specified time of day RALS will update operator device certification exam dates based on the information received.

Field Name
Operator ID Required - RALS Operator ID Must be an operator ID that exists in the RALS system
Device Type Number Required - Numeric identifier for the device type associated the operators certification Must be a valid RALS system device type
Exam Date Required - Date exam the LMS course was completed Example formats:
18 Jan 2021

Table 1: The .csv file must contain the specific fields shown above.

Customer requirements:

  1. Must be able to extract a .csv file from your LMS
  2. Must be able to move the .csv file to the D:\LMS directory on the RALS server.

There is no cost to update your RALS system to Version 6.0 SP8 but there is one-time implementation fee to add the File-based LMS support to your RALS system.

For more information, contact your Informatics Account Manager.