From auto-recertification to eLearning solutions like our eQuiz module and HealthStream interface, ARDx Informatics is committed to providing features and tools to help where Point-of-Care Coordinators spend most of their time; managing operators. Our latest operator management feature is no exception.

The RALS LDAP interface syncs to your Hospital Directory

The RALS LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) interface is an operator management feature that enables you to interface your RALS system to your hospital’s directory system. This will sync your device operators and make it easier to add, activate, edit and deactivate, as well as saving you lots of time by removing processes that often have to be done manually.

Examples of what the RALS LDAP Interface can do to help you:
  • You completed a new hire orientation with glucose meter initial training, and need to get all the new operators entered in your RALS. RALS LDAP can do that!
  • You would like to keep your RALS system operator list updated, but never know when employees leave so you never remove them from your System. IT wants them removed for security purposes. RALS LDAP can do that!
  • Your HR department is getting a new badging system. Your operator IDs are going to change and you have thousands of operators! RALS LDAP can do that!

Auto Sync can be configured to run every 24 hours

When auto-sync is enabled, the RALS LDAP Interface will run every 24 hours and synchronize your hospital system configurations with your RALS system. Configurations can also be manually synced on demand by operators with required permissions.

Available in RALS Version 6.0, SP7

The RALS LDAP Interface is a feature that’s part of the New RALS System and available in Version 6.0 SP7. There is no cost to update your RALS system but this feature is not enabled by default and must be manually enabled. This interface requires a one-time implementation fee and our operations team will work closely with you and your IT team to set the RALS LDAP Interface up.

For more information, contact your Informatics Account Manager.