Edit Logs

How can I find what operators I certified when I used the Recertify button?

  1. Click on Category and Select System.
  2. Select a date range of when you clicked on the recertify button.
  3. Select Edit Log Type and click Operator Certifications and Apply. 
  4. This will list the change operator’s name, change date, change action and operator’s name including original cert date, last cert date, and cert expiration date.  

If I edit a patient ID number will I have a record of the original number?  Yes.

  1. Under Administration, open Edit Logs.
  2. Click on Category and choose the desired device type.
  3. Click on the Edit Log Type drop-down list.
  4. Select device type in step 2, Results.
  5. Enter appropriate Date to display the Original and Changed Patient ID.

Is there a way to see who changed my Device Configuration settings? 

  1. No, currently there is no Device Configuration Edit Log.