Flag Configurations

What is the Flag Configuration tab used for? 

The Evaluation Criteria and the Flag Configuration page work hand in hand with each other.

  • The Evaluation criteria allows the POCC to set up conditions for which Alere RALS will place flag on the results if the results fall outside the criteria.  
  • The Flag Configuration allows the POCC to determine which flags cross over to the LIS without review and which results with flags are held for review on the Flagged Results Page. The Flag configuration also allows for location and device specific sets.

If I choose “hold for evaluation” on the comment row, does that mean that all my results with Comments are held on the Flagged Results page for review?

  • No, only comments that have been marked as “flag for review” in the Comments page in RALS will be held for review.  The results with comments will cross to your LIS unless the result is flagged for another reason OR the Patient ID is incorrect and the result failed the upload.