Flagged Results

How do you keep results from stopping at the Flagged Result page? 

  • Beginning in RALS Version 5.8, Flag Configuration moved to a new page under the Locations tab and can be specified by Device Type and assigned to Locations within a specific Institution. 
  • Defining Flag Configuration sets allows you to choose the result flags which cause patient results to be held for Evaluation in the Flagged Results grid for further review or released to the LIS.

I accidentally sent a result to Do Not Upload -- can I still retrieve it? 

  1. Yes, in Sample Status box choose Marked as Do Not Upload
  2. Click Apply. This displays all the previous results that had been marked as ‘Do Not Upload'.
  3. Highlight specific results to Upload to LIS or Flag As Evaluate. Flag As Evaluate sends the result back to the Flagged Results page and changes the Sample Status from ‘Do Not Upload’ to ‘Evaluate.’ NOTE: You must change Criteria to Flagged as Evaluate to see the returned result.

If I edit a patient ID number will I have a record of the original number?  Yes.

  1. Under Administration, open Edit Logs.
  2. Click on Category and choose the desired device type
  3. Click on the Edit Logs drop-down list.
  4. Select device type in step 2, Results.
  5. Enter appropriate Date to display the Original and Changed Patient ID.

Can you edit more than one patient at a time?

  • No, you can only edit one patient at a time.

What is the difference between Evaluate and Upload Failed?

  • Evaluate means that the result was flagged by the Evaluator and has not crossed to the LIS yet. 
  • The reason the result stopped will be available in the ‘Reason for Failure’ column. 
  • You can Upload the Result or send it to Do Not Upload. 
  • Upload Failed results means that for some reason the LIS rejected the result; the reason will be listed in the ‘LIS Reason for Failure’ column.

Why do I have a result that has a Reason for Failure: No Evaluation Criteria?

  • There is no evaluation criteria set up for this location under the Locations tab, Evaluation criteria