Evaluation Criteria

What does the Evaluation Criteria page do?

  • Your RALS System will evaluate the results when they are sent from a meter. 
  • The Evaluation Criteria are used for the Flagged Results page, Results Review page, and for generating Reports.

How can I check to see if Evaluation Criteria have been set up for all locations?

  • On the Evaluation Criteria tab, check to see if all locations under your institutions have a green circle next to the location name. If a location has a red square, you can copy another that has the same criteria.

If I do not want critical results to stop at the Flagged Result page, do I uncheck the box in the Evaluation Criteria? 

  • No. On the locations tab, click on Flag Configuration. 
  • In the Flag Set for the location, click the circle Release to LIS. 
  • This will allow the result to cross to the LIS but still Flagged for reporting purposes.

Why is it taking so long for results to show up in my LIS? What is your ‘Repeat Range’ set for in Evaluation Criteria? 

  • The result will sit in the evaluator for that number of minutes waiting to see if another result is coming behind it with the same patient ID number. 
  • Once the time has elapsed, then it will release to go to the LIS.

How can I get all of my results from a location to stop at the Flagged Results page? 

  • Click on the ‘Flag All Results From This Location’ box in the Evaluation criteria for the location.

I would like my 2nd result in a series of repeats to automatically cross to my LIS.  How do I do that?

  1. You will need to check the box next to evaluate repeat tests and enter the number of minutes.  Below that you would check the box next to “send most recent result to LIS”

  2. Next in your Flagged Configuration you will need to mark the Repeated test flag as “hold for review”. This would allow the 1st results in a series of repeats to be held and the second to be released to your LIS.