Device Management

I just received a new device, how do I assign this meter?

  • You can either take the meter to the location where it will be used and download it there or you can download it then highlight the downloaded device (on the Device Management page), Click Edit and assign it to the new location.

Night shift gave out a loaner meter last night to Nursery -- how can I get the new results to display if they were performed in Nursery and not Lab?

  • Unfortunately, you can’t. 
  • You could add a Note in Results Review stating they were performed in Nursery but it is very important when a Lab Loaner device is handed out to Edit the Assigned Location, especially for locations where the configuration may be different.

    Example: Nursery may have a unique Critical Range.

    Remember, you can create a RALS System authority level with limited access to allow the loaner meter to be assigned to the receiving location.