Consumables/Test Materials

  1. Why aren’t the control and strip lots uploading to the meter?
    The strip lots and control lots must have the 'Allow Upload' checked from the 'Add/Edit' window of the Reagents page. Locations using these lot numbers must be ‘Assigned’ under the Locations selection at the bottom of the page. Location Assignment became a requirement in the RALS System V1.2.1 and above.

  2. Why I am I getting invalid lot # on the Flagged Results page in Reason for Failure?
    The RALS System does not recognize that lot number because it was entered at a meter and not downloaded into the RALS Reagents page. The POCC did not verify the data, allow it to upload, and assign it to locations.

  3. Where can I print a report of the target range and calculated range for a strip lot?
    And the total # of tests in and out of range? You can print this report from the Reports page of the System Menu (QC Reports, Strip Code Statistics Summary).

  4. Do I have to assign locations to my proficiency lots?
    No, locations do not need to be assigned because the RALS System does not upload the Proficiency number into the device like it does for strip and control lots.

  5. The nurses in the ER are calling saying they can’t use the strip lots that just went into use. Why?
    If the POCC has set ‘No Operator Edit Allowed’ for reagents at DCU (Meter Wide tab), then the POCC must enter the lot numbers at the Reagents page and assign them to their locations before they will be accessible in the meter.

  6. I don’t have any control over what strip and control lots are received at my institution, so I must allow reagents to be entered on the floors. What does that really mean?
    When a new strip or control lot is entered into a meter on the floor, that information will download into the RALS System.

    The POCC will need to verify the information at the Reagents page. Additional information will need to be added for the strip lot before it can be allowed to upload to all meters: mid level range, Standard Deviations (defaults to zero when entered on the floor), and linearity values. Checking and completing all this and then pressing OK enables the new reagents to be uploaded to all devices. The POCC must assign the strip lot and or control lot to the locations where it will be used, by clicking on the Locations button.

  7. How can I tell if a new lot number was entered into the meter?
    At the Reagents page, if there is a ‘no’ in the Allow Upload column when an operator entered the lot number at the device. The POCC will also see an Evaluate failure: Unknown Strip Lot at the Flagged Results page if the RALS System is evaluating strip lots at Administrative Settings.