I am seeing ‘No Evaluation Criteria’ in the Reason for Failure column of the Flagged Results page on my new Clinic location. Why? 

  • There are is no evaluation criteria set up for that location in the Evaluation Criteria.

What is required to create a new download location? 

  • If the number of download locations that you’ve purchased from Informatics has not been exceeded, follow these steps: At the Locations page:
  1. Click on your Hospital name listed under your institution.
  2. Click on Add Location, enter the name of your new location. Remember that because the new location is a meter location the new location needs to be added to additional pages:
    1. Operators need the new location in their list of assigned locations, if the device interfaced to RALS can receive an operator list
    2. Comments (if applicable) need to be added to the new location(s)
    3. Consumables are added to the new location, if RALS uploads test materials to the device
    4. Evaluation Criteria will need to be set up or copied from another location
    5. If the device is configured in RALS, the new location must be configured
    6. Assign meters to the new location.
    7. Recertification Page - Recertification Set needs to be assigned to the new location(s)
    8. Flag Configuration – Assign existing set to new location(s) or create a new set and assign to the new location(s)
    9. Patient Ranges (if applicable)
    10. Respiratory Set Up (if applicable) 
  3. Contact Informatics Customer Support at 1-877-627-7257 to add the new location to the status page.
    1. If you have a live RALS System interface uploading results to the patient’s chart, you may want to confer with Informatics Customer Support/Interface to see if additional ADT mappings are needed for your new location.