I added a new device to my RALS system. Can I add certifications for a group of operators rather than one by one? 

  • Yes, highlight the group of operators and right click to add certifications.

Why do I have an uncertified operator showing up in Flagged Page; how can they get in the meter since I am locking out operators at the device? 

  • They performed the test before their certification had expired BUT downloaded the meter after their certification had expired.

How can I add an assigned location to a group of operators?

  • On the Operators, highlight the group of operators and right click to add the assigned locations.

I am trying to Add a new Operator, and on the Add operator box the Operator ID is outlined in RED and I am getting the message “Please confirm your entered value(s)” What does this mean?

  • It means this ID number has been entered and exists in the database. This operator may be already listed in the Operators page or may be listed under the Restore button.

I am trying to create a new operator in RALS and received duplicate ID message? 

  • If you are sharing a server with another institution(s), that operator may already be in the system.  Also, check the restore file.  If the operator was added and then left your facility, they may have been removed. You can restore the operator.