Peace of mind for system updates and changes - 
with no RALS Production System downtime

Today at the point-of-care, device firmware and software upgrades happen often and at times unexpectedly. That's why more and more RALS System users have implemented a RALS Test System into their POCT programs.

A RALS Test System is an independently running RALS System based on the RALS Production System at the time of creation. It consists of a separate server and database and is designed to identify conditions that could affect the performance of the RALS Production System.



Test and train before transitioning changes to production systems

A RALS Test System allows POCCs to identify, test and train on any changes/additions to the RALS System before transitioning those events to the production system. All data is stored in a separate server and database so that test information is not “mixed” with production data.

Changes/additions include:

  • New device modules
  • Additional download sites/locations
  • New device cartridges or analytes
  • Upgrades to current LIS (results interface)
  • Upgrades to current HIS (ADT)
  • LIS and/or HIS vendor changes
  • RALS software version updates
  • MS and SQL patches (testing performed by hospital IT)


For specifications, set-up, maintenance and support, download our RALS Test System Fact Sheet.

For pricing and installation details, contact your RALS Informatics Executive or Regional Business Manager.