Glycemic Control Module provides the data management you need to measure program success.

Designed for clinicians it provides aggregate data management reports via a web interface as well as offering valuable feedback relative to glycemic control protocols at the patient level.

Nine, customizable graphic reports offer hospitals the ability to:

  • View glycemic control program performance

  • Share information among units and hospitals

  • Monitor the compliance at multiple levels

  • Expedite protocol adoption and improve quality of care


Reports include:

Patient Level

  • One individual patient over time

  • One operating unit by year

  • Glucose results out of range

  • Patient’s values within the last hour

Operator Level

  • Glucose measurements completed by operator/year

Hospital Level

  • Glucose results by hospital

  • Glucose comparison by location

  • Glucose comparison by date/period

Enterprise Level

  • Glucose results by enterprise (multiple hospitals)

For more information and pricing, contact your Informatics Executive or Regional Business Manager.