Alere RALS® Connectivity is One Powerful
Point-of-Care Data Management System

The Power of ONE - Our Single Point of Control

  • ONE partner

  • ONE data manager

  • ONE program to learn

  • ONE system for all devices

  • ONE source for operator management

  • ONE reporting source

  • ONE call for support

The Power of Choice

  • There's an Alere RALS system connected to each of the major glucose meters used in hospitals today. Alere RALS Menu

  • More than 50% of all acute care hospitals throughout the U.S. use the Alere RALS system to manage their POCT programs.

Alere RALS® US Connectivity

The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing

  • Alere RALS systems eliminate the need for device-specific data managers...
The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing

Alere RALS systems eliminate device-specific data managers and makes POC programs more efficient. 
Other systems may require vendor-specific data managers for each connected device.

Direct-to-device Interfacing Benefits for POCCs:

  • Uploading or updating device operators is done once in an Alere RALS system and then sent to all assigned devices.

  • In other data management systems, operators assigned to multiple devices have to be uploaded and updated in each individual device data manager.

Direct-to-device Interfacing Benefits for IT departments:

  • There’s less software, hardware and support required

When to Consider Alere RALS Systems:

  • You’re at the end of your connectivity contract period.

  • You’re thinking of changing glucose vendor.

  • You’re looking to add devices to your current system.

  • You’ve simply never seen an Alere RALS system and wondered how it compared to your current system.