RALS | About The RALS System

Used by more than 50% of acute care hospitals throughout the U.S. RALS provides hospital connectivity to all major glucose meters as well as wide range of non-glucose devices. A number of things make RALS different from other connectivity systems, including:

The Power of ONE – Single Point of Control

  • ONE Partner, ONE Program to Learn, ONE Place to Manage Operators, ONE Call or Click for Support

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The Power of Choice – Vendor Neutral

  • Glucose interfaces are available to the Roche AccuChek® Inform II, Nova StatStrip®, the Abbott Precision Xceed Pro®, and the Abbott FreeStyle Precision Pro®, as well as a wide range of non-glucose devices.

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The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing

  • Eliminates device-specific data managers and improves POCT efficiency and productivity

The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing


RALS | Product Sheet

  • Delivers immediate and remote access to RALS System data
  • Eliminates device specific data managers
  • Minimizes IT support
  • Enables review and release patient results to the LIS directly from units
  • Provides multiple levels of authority to ensure security
  • Allows clinicians to view results from their own offices
  • Includes summary page that displays the current system status
  • Features at-a-glance device management status (whether a device has downloaded)
  • Accesses flagged results that require review prior to upload to the LIS
  • Enables operator certification management
Hospital / Facility Network

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RALS Test Systems Help Identify Conditions that Can Affect POCT Program Performance

Today at the point-of-care, device firmware and software upgrades happen often and at times unexpectedly. That's why more and more RALS System users have implemented a RALS Test System into their POCT programs.

RALS Test Systems consist of a separate server and database designed to identify conditions that could affect the performance of the RALS System. This configuration allows POCCs to identify, test and train on any updates or changes to the RALS System before transitioning those events to their production system. All Test System data is stored on a separate server in a separate database so that test information is not “mixed” with patient data.

For more information, download our Test System product sheet.