RALS | About The RALS System

Used by more than 50% of acute care hospitals throughout the U.S. RALS provides hospital connectivity to all major glucose meters as well as wide range of non-glucose devices. A number of things make RALS different from other connectivity systems, including:

The Power of ONE – Single Point of Control

  • ONE Partner, ONE Program to Learn, ONE Place to Manage Operators, ONE Call or Click for Support

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The Power of Choice – Vendor Neutral

  • Glucose interfaces are available to the Roche AccuChek® Inform II, Nova StatStrip®, the Abbott Precision Xceed Pro®, and the Abbott FreeStyle Precision Pro®, as well as a wide range of non-glucose devices.

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The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing

  • Direct-to-device interfacing applies to the majority of connected devices in our RALS menu and eliminates device-specific data managers - improving POCT efficiency and productivity

The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing


RALS | Product Sheet

  • Delivers immediate and remote access to RALS System data
  • Eliminates device specific data managers in the majority of devices connected to RALS
  • Minimizes IT support
  • Enables review and release patient results to the LIS directly from units
  • Provides multiple levels of authority to ensure security
  • Allows clinicians to view results from their own offices
  • Includes summary page that displays the current system status
  • Features at-a-glance device management status (whether a device has downloaded)
  • Accesses flagged results that require review prior to upload to the LIS
  • Enables operator certification management
Hospital / Facility Network

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