Keeping patient data secure is a never-ending task. Hospitals and health systems constantly face increasing regulation for protecting the security of patient health information; yet, data breaches remain common in the industry.

As health system leaders make data security a priority, so do we at ARDx Informatics. By focusing on development, security and compliance of our RALS systems management, users can be confident that the security of our system is consistently delivered.

RALS System Security

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Apache Log4j Library Vulnerability

On 10 Dec 2021 a vulnerability was discovered in the Apache Log4j library  versions 2.0.1 through but not including 2.15.0. This vulnerability is  identified in the NIST database as CVE-2021-44228.  ARDx Informatics has performed an analysis and confirmed that RALS does  not reference this package and is not susceptible to this vulnerability.

Log4j is used by the Mirth and that CVE-2021-44228 only affects Log4j  versions < 2.15 (i.e. 2.0 - 2.14), which Mirth does not use. For a detailed description of the identified vulnerability please refer to No actions are necessary.

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RALS LiNK Security

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