From parking lots to office labs, managing COVID-19 testing is something you can do with the Abbott ID NOW™... right now using RALS LiNK Connectivity.

Simple, secure and reliable results reporting allows you to:

  • Automate and streamline many of the steps needed to report results as required by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Section 18115 [pdf 266KB], without the infrastructure burden
  • View COVID-19 test results across multiple ID NOW™ instruments and locations
  • Avoid manual data entry of test results into EMR or LIS
  • Capture near real-time patient test results
  • Ensure tests are appropriately captured for processing and billing
  • Remotely monitor instrument location, status and performance

Track, consolidate and report ID NOW™ test results from multiple decentralized instruments and locations.



Listen to a timely educational webinar on the CARES Act, information gathering, and test reporting for COVID-19 testing sites.


Rely on Proven RALS Technology

For more than two decades, hospitals throughout the U.S. have depended on RALS to connect point-of-care devices, electronically capture test result data at the bedside, and transfer that data to the patient record. Today, RALS connectivity is available for decentralized ID NOWTM COVID-19 test locations with our new RALS LiNK system. A system based on proven technology used in 42 countries and nearly 5,000 remote clinics.

How RALS LiNK Connectivity Works 

How it works

1. At remote locations, testing is done using an ID NOW™ analyzer

2. The device is connected to a CONNECT Universal Gateway using an ethernet cable

3. Gateway transmits test data via secure cellular connectivity to a secure Abbott-hosted, cloud-based server

4. Customer uses existing API to pull data into customer LIS/EHR where applicable


  • Seamlessly sends results from the ID NOW™ to cloud-based server and EMR/LIS via cellular connectivity
  • Manages device placement
  • Provides remote identification of errors and operator issues
  • Monitors stock management
  • Data mines QC and patient results including heat maps
  • Includes customizable reports

Data Received from ID NOW™

  • Cartridge Type
  • Sample ID (Order ID)
  • Device Serial Number
  • Result Date
  • Result Summary
  • Software Version
  • Operator ID
  • Results Type (Patient/QC)


  • ID NOW™ device connectivity
  • CONNECT Universal Gateway
  • Transmits data from devices to RALS LiNK
  • Encrypts and delivers data via secure cellular networks
  • API (Application Programming Interface)
RALS Connect


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