Used by ~50% of acute care hospitals throughout the U.S. RALS connectivity systems provide interfacing to all major glucose meters as well as wide range of non-glucose devices.

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The Power of Direct-to-Device Interfacing

Personalized dashboards  In the New RALS User Interface (available in Version 6.0 SP7), users can personalize the dashboard they see when they first log in to RALS. Instead of a basic status screen, you can choose what snapshots you want to see, like expiring operator certifications, services, and more… and each snapshot can be viewed as a graph, table or text.

New RALS User Interface Key Features and System Offerings - See on-demand videos

  • Preconfigured system views – we’ve included one click links to the pages you refer to most often
  • Personalized page capability – see what you want, when you want 
  • Operator Management Options: RALS eQuiz, LDAP/Active Directory Support, LMS Interfacing (eQuiz, HealthStream)
  • LIS/HIS Connectivity: Supports major Laboratory and Hospital Information Systems
  • (Dashboards, Results, Devices, Certification Expiration)
  • Secure Server: MS Windows Server 2016
  • Manual Test Entry: Non-instrument result capture with RALS MTE (Manual Test Entry) module

RALS New User Interface Product Sheet

Hospital / Facility Network

*Device Communication: Bi-directional Connectivity — In this two-way, device-dependent communication, RALS systems can upload data as well as receive data from the device. Uni-directional Connectivity — In this one-way, device-dependent, communication, RALS systems can only receive data from the device.

RALS System Benefits for Hospital Connectivity at the Point-of-Care

  • Connects to the devices used every day at the point-of-care [device menu]
  • Features the ability to add manual tests [manual test entry]
  • Enable near real-time release of results to patient record/EHR
  • Provides multiple levels of authority to ensure security
  • Allows clinicians to view results from their own offices
  • Includes personalized dashboard that displays the current system status
  • Features at-a-glance device management status (whether a device has downloaded)
  • Allows User to review flagged results prior to upload to EHR/patient record
  • Enables operator certification management