RALS Customer Release Notes

Throughout the year, we distribute a set of Customer Release Notes highlighting updates, new functionality and new features of our RALS systems. These updates can include features of specific device interfaces or on the overall RALS system as a whole. The list of notes below are for the most current versions of available RALS systems. 

Not sure what version of RALS you are using?
Look on the bottom of the splash screen when you log in, or on any RALS page, click 'Help' (? in the New RALS UI) and then click 'About...'.

RALS System Release Notes:

Version #

Release Date

Release Features


7.1.2 July 15, 2022 This release adds support for Roche cobas® Liat® C. difficile (CDFA) assay; Levey-Jennings updates including: chart print function, System View “All” is now sorted by “Start Date” rather than by “Last Review Time”, and improved display of accept ranges on the y-axis of the Levey-Jennings chart display; Facility Codes for Locations no longer need to be unique; and more.  PDF
7.1.1 March 25, 2022 With the release of  Version 7.1.1, RALS connectivity is now listed in FDA’s Unified Registration and Listing System! Dashboard widgets also can improve day-to-day workflows. PDF
7.0.1 December 15, 2021 This release contains BD Veritor and Cepheid Xpert Xpress device updates as well as number or RALS system updates. PDF
7.0.0 November 12, 2021

In this version, POCCs/users do not require Microsoft® Silverlight™ on their desktop; use of Microsoft® Explorer browser not supported; Access RALS using Microsoft® Edge, Mozilla Firefox® and Google® Chrome™ browsers; Other updates include: added support for the Cepheid Xpert® Xpress CoV-2/Flu/RSV plus cartridge; added access to the Abbott i-STAT® DE Configuration; added SIEMENS epoc® reader fields and epoc-specific exports; added 'Linearity', which now provides r & r², and consolidated it under 'Charting' menu with Levey-Jennings.

Also read FAQs on upgrading to Version 7.0.0.

6.0 SP9 Patch 2 September 16, 2021 This patch contains corrections for update/upgrade failures as well as connectivity service failures. PDF
6.0 SP9 Patch 1 August 27, 2021 This patch adds the following support to the BD Veritor® module: Support for the Veritor/Synapsys Triplex (FLU+COVID) assay for Flu A, Flu B and COVID; Displayed in RALS as “BD Flu/CoV2”; Supports patient and QC testing. PDF
6.0 SP9 August 13, 2021 Includes new device interfacing to the Haemonetics®  TEG®  6s analyzer and Haemonetics®  TEG®  5000 analyzer; Bi-directional, POCT1A support for the Cepheid®  GeneXpert®  Xpress; and a wide range of New RALS User Interface page updates. PDF
6.0 SP8 March 25, 2021 Includes updates for SIEMENS epoc® BG system, Abbott Afinion™ 2 analyzer, Quidel® Triage® System, and Roche Accu-Chek® Inform II device interfaces, file-based Learning Management System support, and RALS eQuiz implementation into the New RALS User Interface, and more.  PDF
6.0 SP7 December 14, 2020 Includes LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory support and a wide range New User Interface updates including a personalized, graphical, textual, and numerical dashboard; Levey-Jennings implementation; Role Management; Result Purge; and Outbound Results Interfacing. PDF
6.0 SP6 April 6, 2020 Includes COVID-19 support on the Abbott ID NOW analyzer; manual test entry for COVID-19 testing; device interfaces for the Quidel® Solana®, Draeger JM-105, and Nova Stat Profile Prime Plus®  PDF
6.0 SP5 February 12, 2020 Includes New RALS User Interface updates; device module updates; Manual Test Entry (MTE) updates; and more. PDF
6.0 SP4 November
18, 2019
Includes new device interface to the CoaguSense Coag-Sense® PT/INR device; support for the Nova Biomedical NovaNet™ Interface; and more. PDF
6.0 SP3 August 21, 2019 In this update, we removed the password requirement for every operator in RALS; included a new device interface to the Sysmex XP-300 hematology analyzer; had updates to the Roche Cobas® Liat® system™; and more. PDF
6.0 SP2 May 6, 2019 Includes new device interfaces to the Cepheid® GeneXpert® Xpress and Hemosonics Quantra®; updates to the Abbott Glucose Module, Afinion™ 2, Cepheid GeneXpert System, SIEMENS epoc® Blood Analysis System, and Manual Test Entry; Secure Device Communication; and much more. PDF
6.0 SP1 December 20, 2018 Includes a new device interface to the Quidel® Sofia® 2; and Module updates to the Quidel® Sofia®, Quidel® Triage® Meter System, HemoCue® 201 DM Glucose & HB Analyzers and Manual Test Entry (MTE). PDF
6.0 October 31, 2018 Includes System Rebranding, HealthStream® LMS System Integration, Manual Test Entry (MTE) Additional Test Support, SIEMENS epoc® Blood Analysis System updates, a New “i-STAT® Quality Check Code by Operator Only” report, and much more.