Results Review

Do review notes print out with a result from Reports? 

  • No, but they are available to be printed from Results Review.

How can I look at just QC or patient results?

  1. Select Patient or QC Results from the Sample Type drop-down list.
  2. Click Apply

Why is the patient ID number that I am looking for not in the drop-down box? 

  • The only Patient IDs that will appear in the drop-down list are those that have been sent to the RALS System based on the date range selected. 
  • Check to make sure that you have selected the correct date range for what you are looking for.

How can I see specific columns on any page in the RALS System?

  • RALS comes with factory default grid columns displayed for each grid. Columns can be added or removed simply by accessing the Configure Columns dialog.
  • Click the Configure Columns button (wheel symbol) on the grid toolbar to display the Configure Columns dialog. 
  • Toggle the check-boxes next to the column names to display or remove columns in the grid display (checked = displayed, unchecked = not displayed). 
  • When you are finished making column selections.
  • Click the Save button. 
  • You can reset the grid display to the system defaults by clicking the Reset button (broom symbol) on the grid toolbar. 
  • The system asks for a confirmation of the reset request. 
  • Click the OK button on the confirmation dialog to complete the grid reset.

What is device name? 

  • It is optional and can be set up on the Device Management Page. It is used if you want to name multiple devices in an assigned area.

How can I add a device name? 

  • At Device Management page
    1. Click on the row that you want to add a device name to
    2. Click on EDIT
    3. Enter a device name in the Device Name field

Why do all of my results have a result status of Upload Pending? 

  • If you have an LIS interface it could mean that your interface may have been turned off, especially if you have several results that have an Upload Pending Status. 
  • If you do not have an LIS interface it is the status of results that are not sent to the Flagged Results page.

How can I print a single result?

  • Two ways:
    1. Highlight only the row that you wish to print and then on the printer icon.
    2. Double click or right click to view details on a row, the result appears in a vertical format, click print at the bottom of the grey box.

How do you exclude QC?

  1. Using the ‘shift’ or ‘ctrl’ key select the rows you wish to exclude.
  2. Click on Review and check the ‘Exclude Results from Statistics and Charts’ box.
  3. Add a review note if desired

Can you un-exclude QC? 

  • Yes by un-checking the exclude box, it will include the control value in your statistics.

Can I see the patient name, date of birth and gender in Results Review?

  • Yes. Beginning in version 5.12, if you have an ADT interface you can see the patient name, date of birth and gender in Results Review.
  • Click the wheel next to the question mark to configure columns
  • Put a check mark in the boxes for patient name, date of birth and gender to display in the grid
  • You can also see the same information in The Flagged Results Page.