RALS System Customer Support

Alere RALS® Customer Support Hours
RALS Toll-Free Support Line: 877.627.7257

If you need immediate assistance during normal business hours, please call the appropriate support line shown above and your call will be answered by a member of our staff. Should all of our support personnel be unavailable, you can leave a message and a staff member will return your call as soon as possible. For email support, complete the form below and a member of our staff will reply to you as soon as possible.

Before and after business hours, and on weekends and holidays, your call will be accepted by our answering service. An operator will record your contact information and a brief description of your question or issue. The operator will immediately notify an on-call technician, who will respond to you directly to provide the assistance you need. So that we may better serve you, we ask that calls to this number be coordinated through your hospital's central contact personnel whenever possible.

Have a Question? RALS support teams are committed to providing you with answers to the questions you have when it comes to your system.

Also, if you have a screen shot that you could include that might help us answer your question, please provide that as well.

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RALS System Backup / Anti-Virus Exclusion Recommendations

Backing up your RALS System, as well as applying anti-virus software, can help keep your system running smoothly.

Our System backup/Anti-Virus Exclusions PDF outlines general backup recommendations, general anti-virus recommendations, and specific antivirus recommendations.

For additional information and help contact RALS Customer Support at 1-877-MAS-RALS (1-877-627-7257).

RALS Network Communication Overview

The RALS System utilizes your hospital’s LAN to carry out many of its core functions. It is important to understand how the different components of the RALS System interact in order for the system to function optimally. This document outlines the network communication between the different RALS System components in three formats: list, web, and matrix.

Network Communications PDF

Abbott i-STAT® CLEW/JAMS Software Update Instructions for RALS Systems

The Abbott i-STAT System is designed to eliminate operator influence on delivered results. To maintain long-term consistency of performance, it is necessary to update standardization values for the Abbott
i-STAT System from time to time. This update is equivalent to manually adjusting calibration on a traditional laboratory analyzer.

For more details, visit the Abbott i-STAT System Software Update web page.

Abbott i-STAT® eVAS Software Update Instructions for RALS Systems

Streamline and simplify the liquid quality control process by using the electronic Value Assignment Sheet (eVAS) for the Abbott i-STAT® System. By downloading the eVAS file, your device can be automatically updated with the latest Value Assignment Sheet data. With this one download, you will have the most current information available for all of your test cartridges and handhelds.

For more details, visit the Abbott i-STAT eVAS web page.


Keeping patient data secure is a never ending task. Hospitals and health systems constantly face increasing regulation for protecting the security of patient health information; yet, data breaches remain common in the industry.  As health system leaders make data security a priority, so do we at Abbott. If you're a RALS user with a Windows Server 2008 you need to upgrade to Windows Server 2016... now.

Visit our Windows 2016 Upgrade page.

DE Server 2016

The RALS DE consists of a virtual machine that can be hosted from a hospital’s centralized virtualization environment or a from a physical virtual host provided by Abbott that resides in the hospital’s data center. The RALS DE provides all the functionality of a physical DE server without the need for additional hardware. It supports the communications between the i-STAT® devices and the RALS System RCS server.