RALS System Webinar Series



 Last Friday of Each Month


12:00 pm Eastern

Join us each month for a trainer-led one hour webinar on the RALS System.

Ideal for current RALS System users and non-users interested in taking a closer look at the system, this recurring webinar series will provide a high level look at features and functionality as well as details on our most recent updates.  It's also an opportunity to ask questions about the system used by more U.S. hospitals than any other to manage their POCT programs.

Register or Listen to a Previously Recorded Webinar

For the next webinar date, dial-in and log-in information, or to listen to a recorded webinar, choose the date and click on the corresponding link from the list below. Dates are subject to change (i.e. if a holiday falls near the last Friday) so check this web page often. When you register, you can do so for a specific date or for all dates at once. And don't worry if you register and can't attend you can also come back to this page and click on a link to listen to the recording.


2019 Register/Recording Topic(s)
Jan 25, 2019 Listen/Watch 'Everything You Want to Know About Operator Management - Part 2'
Feb 22, 2019 Listen/Watch 'Improving Operator Competencies with RALS eLearning Solutions'
Mar 29, 2019 Listen/Watch RALS Version 6.0 SP1 Overview
Sneak Peek New RALS Interface - Operators
Apr 26, 2019 Listen/Watch Sneak Peek New RALS Interface - Devices
May 17, 2019 Listen/Watch Version 6.0 SP2 Review; RALS eQuiz; RALS and NovaNet, and much more
Jun 21, 2019 Listen/Watch RALS eQuiz Computer based training/recertification program
Jul 26, 2019 Listen/Watch New RALS User Interface; Customer Questions
Aug 30, 2019 Listen/Watch Version 6.0 SP3 Review of Updates
Sep 27, 2019 Listen/Watch New RALS User Interface Update
Oct 25, 2019 Register TBD
Nov 15, 2019 Register TBD
Dec 13, 2019 Register TBD
2018 Recording Topic(s)
Jan 26, 2018 Listen/Watch General Overview
Feb 23, 2018 Listen/Watch RALS Version 5.17 Overview
Apr 27, 2018 Listen/Watch Creating Your Own Reports in Results Review
Linearity Reports
Update on RALS eLearning Modules
May 25, 2018 Listen/Watch Abbott i-STAT® eVAS
Abbott i-STAT® Calibration Verification (Cal/Ver)
i-STAT/DE Workspace and Customization
Jun 29, 2018 Listen/Watch Windows 2016 Upgrade Program
Certifications and Recertifications
AACC Updates
Jul 27, 2018 Listen/Watch Consumables Management
Levey Jennings Charting
Introduction to the Cepheid device module
Aug 31, 2018 Listen/Watch
RALS eQuiz
Task Management
Patient Ranges
RALS Version 5.19
Sep 28, 2018 Listen/Watch Training Videos
Manual Test Entry (MTE)
Observed Test Sequence (OTE)
Dec 14, 2018 Listen/Watch 'Everything You Want to Know About Operator Management - Part 1'
2017 Recording Topic(s)
Jul 28, 2017 Listen/Watch RALS 5.14 Overview
Aug 25, 2017 Listen/Watch General Overview
Sep 29, 2017 Listen/Watch RALS 5.15 Overview
Oct 27, 2017 Listen/Watch General Overview
Nov 17, 2017 Listen/Watch General Overview
Dec 15, 2017 Listen/Watch RALS Version 5.16 Overview